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ALBURY/WODONGA   is situated on the border of New South Wales State (the home state to the Sydney Olympics Games) and the State of Victoria (the Home to the World Cup Meets for the next five years).    (see the two States of Australia maps below, both marked with xxxx , so you have a clearer view of where we live.                                            

Being on the border of two states, our twin cities Albury (NSW)/Wodonga (Victoria), we have the best of two States.   To fly to Sydney, it only takes one hour and ten minutes, to arrive in Sydney.  To fly to Melbourne it takes fifty minutes.  To fly to the Capital City of Australia, Canberra it only takes 45 minutes by plane We have many road coaches, bus lines, along with night and day interstate rail trains travelling through between Melbourne and Sydney, making our cities very easy to travel to.

                   Our Association has 21 swim clubs under the O & M banner, spreading across two states of Australia being across the North East Victoria and through to Southern New South Wales, with our swimmers enjoying the best of two states under a Border Agreement set up by our Association's tireless volunteer workers over fifty years ago.  Read about our beginnings in our History page.


All inquiries are welcomed, let us help you get to know "our beautiful country" Australia, our twin cities Albury/Wodonga, and the Ovens & Murray District Swimming Association.                                

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